As one of Europe's most influential and recognizable vehicle brands. Maxus not only embodies nearly a century of experience and unmatched technical prowess in commercial vehicle development. But by virtue of continuous innovation, it is a trailblazing leader in creating international motor vehicle market trends and in casting a wide footprint of dominance throughout the world. The MAXUS brand is now universally revered as a legend and the recipient of numerous international awards in the international commercial vehicle industry.


Consumers employ advanced technologies to pursue their ideal lifestyles, as well as achieve greater lifestyle goals. Advanced technologies can comprehensively satisfy the specific needs of consumers, and become an indispensable companion in both their work and personal lives. This is the promise that Maxus makes.


Trust is a form of affirmation and the embodiment of strength. Maxus relies upon SAIC's strength as a world-renowned automobile company, employs sincerity and trust to engage in continuous self-development, achieve operational goals and accomplish consumers' approval and affirmation seeking habits.


Ambition is the engine of sustainable development, and the key to maintaining a lead. Maxus, as a leading brand of commercial vehicle which is renowned internationally, is confident that it can grasp the mood of the market, and by means of continuous expansion, improvement, and innovation enable the brand to acquire endless vitality.