Built to empower your family. Tailored for urban commuting. Introducing MIFA 7, the all-new pure electric midsize MPV. A movable sanctuary for your loved ones with thoughtful features and minimalistic aesthetic.

Model configuration

Battery capacity
Electric range (WLTP)
Max. horsepower
Max. torque

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The all-new MIFA 7 intention price will be HK$399,000 via “One-for-One Replacement” Scheme. Secure your reservation by submitting an initial HK$5,000 deposit and enjoy an additional HK$5,000 discount.

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  7. NML shall not be liable for any unsuccessful reservations due to system problems of the website, problems of internet data transfer, unavailable stock and/or incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate information.
  8. Intentional deposit refund is available if the final retail price is higher than the intention price HK$399,000 (After 1 for 1 scheme).
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